Seed–Balls make replanting the Planet deliciously Fun

Super Easy
all–terrain gardening

We help cultivate in a way that regenerates ecosystems

Flowers spring 2017

For bees, butterflies and birds

Sunflowers, Cosmos, Phacélia, Zinnia, Borago, Purple clover, Poppy, Gaillardia, Delphinium…

Seed–Balls Baskets

Fruits Flowers & Gourmets Herbs

Perfect for Borders of roads trails beaches gardens flower–beds forests orchards prairies fields… Easy Planting in weedy wild environments.

Seed–Balls World


An increasingly popular Japanese inventions of the 1970s

They are the easiest way to plant flowers. No need to work or dig the ground. Just throw the Seed–Ball where you want to grow a flower or any other plant or even a mushroom.

They are small pellets of about 1 centimeter made with seeds coated in clay and compost, usually rolled by hand. Some are made from charcoal or a simple mixture of soil and fertilizer. In India they are often made with sand and cow dung.

52,000 Seed-Balls for Monarch Butterflies

Hand rolled in Iowa

An annual event that attracts media attention. 30 Seed–Balls are given to each cyclist and they throw them on the roadsides. We will bring this event to Quebec this fall.

Replanting after fires

Sowing before invasive plants comes

In Wyoming they make square Seed–Balls using noodles making equipment.

Several small businesses make Seed–Balls

The top 4 manufacturers are in England, Kenya and the USA. None in Canada.

An American company produces tens of thousands each day using really simple equipment.

A British company has just received 2 awards for its Seed–Balls.

The biggest projects. Worldwide each year several million Seed–Balls are produced. In India some projects make millions of them entirely by hand.

Seed–Balls Project

Events, Design, Production

Reconnect with Nature and become butterflies best friend

Festive planting of butterfly flowers by bicycle, canoe, or walking

Wild flowers are disappearing, this is very serious for butterflies and bees. And if nothing is done it will be dangerous for humans too.

  • Fewer bees and butterflies to fertilize flowers,
  • flowers reproduce less,
  • so less food for bees and butterflies…

We organize activities for autumn 2017 where people will have fun throwing Butterfly Flowers Seed–Balls.
A great visibility for Sponsors.

Now you can carry out large ecological regeneration projects

With our Free Open–Source designs of tools and Seed–Balls recipes

Commercial Seed–Balls are expensive and the smallest ecological project needs tens of thousands of them. So many people roll them by hand, sometimes by the millions. I invented a small Open–Source machine to roll Seed–Balls, an inexpensive design that is robust and easy to manufacture, it can be operated manually or with a small motor. This is the most compact and fast tool for rolling Seed–Balls. We still have to finalize the tools for cutting the seeds and clay mix, inspiration for this design comes from the rolling pins that cooks use to make ravioli.

Seed–Balls and Tools for Agroforestry and Gardening

High Tech Manufacturing and the Best Seed Coating Mix in the World

We will soon start producing in larger quantities in a shop in Montreal west. We have land for testing, a distribution network for eastern Canada, 2 agronomists are helping us perfect the mixes used to make the Seed–Balls.