The SeedBall

Masanobu Fukuoka invented a super easy Organic Farming method.

By Sylvain Picker

Masanobu was a microbiologist and farmer, who lived in Japan in the last century. He is one of the founding fathers of Organic Farming. He spent his life looking for ways to make farming easier.

Masanobu invented The SeedBall (Poussboul in French).

SeedBalls are small balls made with clay, compost and several seeds. SeedBalls makes planting easy, almost everywhere, even when weather conditions are too bad for other planting methods. Simple things can be hugely powerful.

Originally Masanobu used SeedBalls to sow rice without having to plow his fields. He got record yields and that made him famous worldwide. His book explaining his technique was translated into 25 languages, which led him to give lectures all over the world. Having spent all his life on his small island in Japan, and surrounded by fertile lands, during his travels Masanobu was horrified to see how the ecosystem of the planet was damaged and turning into desert. During his travels in Africa and India, he was also very sad to witness the amount of people starving.

Masanobu used planes to launch SeedBalls containing tree and food plant seeds.

Following meetings with officials from various governments and international organizations, Masanobu had the idea of launching Seedballs by airplane to plant trees with food plants. You could say he was a forerunner of the Food–Forests movement that want to change our farmings methods to one that is resistant to climate change. He used airplanes to plant a wide mixture of seeds in India. And also worked on several projects in Africa and Thailand. But his plans were interrupted by the Iraq war. Unfortunately it was then too old and died before accomplishing his dream to regenerate Nature and feed the world.

Reforestation is one of the most powerful tools against global warming. Several scientists say there is enough space on Earth to plant 1.2 trillion trees, and that this forest could absorb more carbon than humans emit.

Food–Forests are Resistant to Climate Change. The ecosystem of a Food Forest resists diseases, insects and climatic disasters better than petrochemical farming. And their culture requires much less labor and machinery, and no toxic products. SeedBalls are ideal for planting Food Forests.

Today a drone can plant 40,000 SeedBalls per day. Several companies have ambitious plans to reforest with SeedBalls and drones. But SeedBalls can also be easily made by Gardeners and small farmers…

Since their invention around the 1970s, hundreds of millions of SeedBalls of all kinds have been planted in the World.

Today Seedballs are commercially successful in Europe and the United States as a way to plant flowers for the bees. In India they are used by tens of millions to fight global warming by planting trees. In Pakistan they are beginning to be massively used after successful trials to regenerate the biodiversity of a large national park. In Africa they use millions of Seedballs to plant trees, grasses and millet in desertic regions. Several companies around the world want to to plant billions of trees with Seedballs and drones. Seedballs are particularly suitable for replanting after wildfires, or in desert areas. In tests I did with an agronomist, what surprised everyone was the ability of Seedballs to grow in hostile conditions. I also had great success growing vegetables and flowers in tests I did on an Organic farm.

  • In England 980 Supermarkets distributed 330,000 free wildflowers SeedBalls to help bees.
  • In India corporations distribute millions of promotional SeedBalls to fight global warming.
  • In Australia they use SeedBalls to help Koalas.
  • In several countries national parks show their visitors how to throw SeedBalls in their trails.
  • A German university uses SeedBalls to help farmers in the desertic African regions.
  • An American research center uses them to replant prairies after fires.
  • In Kenya and Ivory Coast they replant forests with SeedBalls made with charcoal.
  • Several drone companies want to launch billions of tree seeds SeedBalls…

SeedBalls Works

At SeedTheGlobe we did a lot of tests.

SeedBalls are the easiest way to plant seeds almost everywhere.

The SeedBalls that SeedTheGlobe manufactures contain a very good Organic compost and fertilizer. We tested them in laboratory, alleys, pots and fields. Used at the right place at the right time, they give big harvests.