Start a Mini–Chef's farm

Productive and Fun

It's easy with our Seed Mix of breathtaking varieties of shoots,
sensational fine–herbs and foliage for your recipes.

Start harvesting in just two weeks. Have fun all year round planting mats of herbs and mixed greens. For salads and quick cooking.

Start a Garden

The Micro–Gardener Shop

Growing food all year round,
indoors or outdoors,
even in the smallest places.

New easy to grow Seed Mixes

5$ per 5000 seeds by packet (except flowers 5 grams).

In just two weeks start harvesting shoots, then micro–salads, salads, baby vegetables…

Kales and Asia

12 luxury varieties with very fast growth. For Mesclun salads and baby vegetables.

Taste from spicy to slightly sweet. Stunning shapes and colors. Young leaves for Mesclun salads. Ideal for quick cooking. Easy, grow fast and resists cold. Regrows two or three times after cutting. Grow indoors all year round. Outside from early spring until September. Sow every 3 weeks for a continuous harvest.

Encore Mesclun Organic

7 varieties of refreshing lettuces. Beautiful shapes, textures and colors.

A superb blend of colors, shapes and textures. Suitable for outdoor production or in low light conditions in greenhouses. Regrows back two or three times. Cut with scissors. Harvest in the morning or evening, when cooler temperatures makes the lettuces crisper.

The 5 Basils

All the flavors. From classic to lemon to Thai…

One of the most popular herbs. Basil is essential in the garden. With the amount of seeds in the mix, you can sow tight and harvest the baby basil plants until you reach this spacing.

Flowers for Pollinators

30 varieties for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Reaches a height of around 1m (3 '). Mainly annual flowers which reseed. Sow outdoors from late March until mid–July. Can also be sown in the fall to have flowers early next year.

Artemisia annua

You can easily grow this famous plant and enjoy its wonderful fragrance in your garden.

Rapid growth. You can dry it and put it in sachets to keep moths away. Famous for herbal teas. Shoots taste Delicious.

Our seeds are not treated with pesticides. We use as much Certified Organic seeds as possible. Never GMOs.