We believe that Nature is a treasure chest containing thousands kinds of delicious Superfoods.

By causing climate change, humans destroyed an enormous amount of beautiful food plants that where growing in Nature.
Today we really need Superfoods.

With Seedballs it's cheap and it's easy to grow Superfoods.

Around 1950 Masanobu Fukuoka
invented the Seedball.

(Seeds Bomb, Poussboul…)

With Seedballs this Japanese Organic farmer achieved record yields, without plowing. This invention made him famous worldwide. He traveled a lot. And he saw how the planet is turning into desert. He was horrified to see the number of people who lacked Vitamins and Minerals in their nutrition.
Masanobu was throwing Superfoods Seedballs by airplane.

The Seedball for more Natural Organic.

Today hundreds of millions of Seedballs have been launched.

We learned how to Garden and make Plantations with this method.

New Seedballs companies are popping up all over the world.

  • In England a Duchess and a chain of grocery supermarkets distributed 330,000 free Seedballs of wild flowers to help children and bees
  • In India corporations are distributing millions of promotional Seedballs to fight climate change.
  • In Australia Seedballs are used to help Koalas.
  • In many countries National parks show their visitors to launch Seedballs when they walk in trails.
  • Schools sell Seedballs to fund their activities and show children how to garden, while becoming Super Heroes against climate change.
  • A German university uses Seedballs to help farmers in desertic regions of Africa.
  • An American research center uses Seedballs to replant grasslands after fires.
  • In Kenya and Ivory Coast they replant forests with Seedballs.
  • Several drone companies want to launch billions of tree Seedballs…

Open Source Designs

We are searching for an effective hand tool to craft Seedballs.

Currently, there is no easy–to–use manual tool for making Seedballs. And companies keep their process secret.

After much research we are proud to show our prototypes of small Open Source tools for making Seedballs.

41 million hectares Certified Organic for harvesting wild plants and beekeeping in 2017.

Most of the more than 112 million certified organic hectares in the world are used to harvest Really Natural fruits, nuts, spices, medicinal plants…
Wild Superfoods are a growing market,
which can benefit a lot of farmers.

Seedballs to plant food forests that resist Climate  Change.

Millions hectares Certified Organic is 2017

Source: FiBL, IFOAM – Organics International.

Easy to grow Vitamins
with Seedballs Micro Gardens.

A way to show kids how to garden and make them love salads. They take good eating habits for life.
For schools making Seedballs is cheap.
One of the most profitable funding way.

Seedballs to become a Superhero against Climate Change.

Kale and Asian vegetables.
In 2 weeks micro-sprouts and in 1 month a salad that regrows.

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