A Mini–Chef's farm

Productive and Fun

It's easy with our Seed Mix of breathtaking varieties of shoots,
sensational fine–herbs and foliage for your recipes.

Start harvesting in just two weeks. Have fun all year round planting mats of herbs and mixed greens. For salads and quick cooking.

In a Pot or a Garden

Maximize yields in small spaces

Imitating Nature is efficient

No farmer can do that, but gardeners Yes !

Mother Nature sows huge quantities of seeds and completely covers the earth with mats of small plants. Then many of these little plants are eaten by all kinds of bugs. This makes room and allow those that remain to grow. And Nature obtains maximum yields and plants bursting with health…

Carpets of salads and herbs

Gardeners can grow more naturally.

Harvest by cutting only a part of your vegetables. This makes space for the others to become bigger. Each time we harvest we create space to allow the remaining vegetables and herbs to grow more. We start by harvesting shoots, then micro–salads, salads, baby vegetables…

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