The global ecological disaster is putting our future at risk.

Our mission is to help Nature resist climate change.

It's going to be delicious and very fun!

In the last century a small Japanese farmer invented Seedballs.

With this minimalist Organic farming method he planted seeds without cultivating the land. He achieved record yields and it made him famous worldwide. Towards the end of his life, Mr. Masanobu traveled a lot. Seeing the desertification of the Planet and the amount of people who are starving, he had the idea to launch Seedballs by plane. He did it a little bit in India and Africa, but he died before realizing his dream.

Seedballs are an inexpensive method used by hundreds of thousands of people to rebuild beautiful, sustainable and productive ecosystems, using local resources.

Available in French only for now.

The team

Sylvain Picker


Yamina Sidane

Finances, coaching

Caroline Léger

Graphic designer


Video, music, animation