Growing SuperFoods Differently for Cheap.


The Hydroponic Mini–Farm.
For Everyone.

5 Days: Brocoli, Red Radish and Daikon Radish.

A Microgreens Plate.

Made of ceramic.

Fast and cheap to use.

  • In 5 to 10 days.
  • No artificial light.
  • Water, seeds, a paper coffee filter…
10 days: 2 varieties of Radish, plus Broccoli and Buckwheat.


The ceramic plate for growing microgreens.

Invented by a professional in organic microgreens.

Urban Microgreen Gardening is a delicious way to help our health and that of the planet. When many people do small agricultural production at home, the total area of cultivation becomes equal to the size of several Urban Farms… When the miniature growth system used is very effective, it helps grow the New Ecology of the Planet.

Have fun eating!
Super Salads.

Some Answers:

Harvesting 100 to 150 grams of microgreens per plate, every 6 to 12 days, saves about $12 per harvest (more than $300 per year).

Average house temperature (20°C | 70°F) is ideal for microgreens. These food plants can adapt to variations in light, water, temperature, aeration…

It is important that the majority of the time the microgreens are in indirect sunlight. The ideal is a little bit of direct sun during the day (a few minutes to a maximum of 2 hours). No need for special artificial light. Ambient light in an average home is usually sufficient for the first 5–15 days of growth. Even a basement window could get enough light.

No need for fertilizer. Excellent microgreens harvests are obtained with only water. Seeds contain everything they need to grow well for their first 5-–5 days of growth (depending on seed size).