Open–Source seedballs.
Tree and superfood seeds.

Millions of farmers, people that do nature regeneration projects, Urban Farming and Permaculture, can profit from Seedballs, a cheap and efficient plantation method to grow trees and delicious natural food packed with vitamins.

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Tools to make seedballs can help small farmers fight climate change.

Photo: Soil Chemistry and Pedology Department, University of Hohenheim, Germany.

Field trials for 2 years. We are looking for a bigger place.

Seedballs are great for growing salads, flowers and fine herbs.

One of the prototype seedball molds. Light and efficient. The basis for the next designs.

Production of seedball substrate based on a rich Biochar compost.

Seedballs can sprout in incredibly difficult conditions.

Some of our seedball planter designs. We also imported two Chinese planters for testing.

The spheronizer, an efficient and fast tool for rounding seedballs.

Salads sprouted from seedballs in a pot with a young tomato plant.

A bunch of Asian greens field grown from a seedball

A savory bed grown from seedballs in our test fields.

Some edible flowers are easy to grow in the urban environment.

Superfood seedballs can revolutionize the way we farm and do Nature's restoration.

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Really natural food

Regenerate the environment, be healthier with food as close to nature as possible.

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