Growing superfood and network through regenerative farming.

More and more people want to be healthy, by eating food as close to nature as possible.

Industrial food cause a lot of diseases and it's production destroy the planet’s ecosystem. For millions of people it's a matter of life and death. Since at least 75 years we are growing our food as if Nature did not matter, the results are catastrophic. Industrial agriculture is facing more and more problems because of its low genetic diversity. The climate is changing, insects "weeds" and diseases adapt, more and more rapidly. Laboratories may not be able to synthesize new seeds quickly enough to respond to the emergency, and that would be disastrous for the global food supply.

The Planet has lost 50% of its biodiversity, but there are still tens of thousands of robust delicious and nutritious Indigenous food plants, that are much easier to grow Organically than the synthetic fruits and vegetables. Many of these plants are completely wild or have only undergone minimal domestication, they have a huge genetic diversity that gives them the advantage of beings able to adapt by themselves to change. They can grow with little or no fertilizer, even when there is no rain or too much rain, when it is too hot or too cold, and they are resistant to insects and diseases. With Seedballs we can multiply these Superfoods on a large scale for a minimal cost.

SeedTheGlobe is a Seeds and Seedballs Company. We design tools to make Seedballs, and are developing a Seeds store of Indigenous and wilder Superfoods. Our mission is to provide new sources of income for small farmers and Indigenous peoples, while helping them regenerate Nature. Because this will allow the cultivation of large quantities of organic food at an affordable price. Indigenous peoples and small farmers have privileged access to nature’s treasure chest, 80% of the remaining biodiversity is found on their lands.

Indigenous fruits and vegetables are delicious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and high quality protein. These Superfoods used since Paleolithic times are experiencing a renaissance, they are becoming more and more fashionable, chefs of the best restaurants in the world use them, and we are beginning to be able to buy them in public markets. Several scientific studies show that these Superfoods can help solve many of the nutritional deficiencies that affect more than 3 billion people worldwide.

The SeedTheGlobe team is forming, the exact business model remains to be defined. The goal is to work together to create paths towards a better diet for the health of people and the planet, and our business. But the heart of the company is the development of tools for making Seedballs, because it will create opportunities for more people to carry out projects of Nature’s regeneration and Organic Farming.

In the near future we want to see emerging everywhere on the Planet plenty of new small companies making Seedballs and marketing seeds of Indigenous Superfoods, which will allow the production of affordable Organic foods, while regenerating Nature.