Bringing delicious superfood to people
by making seedballs tools
for regenerative farming.

A small quantity of seedballs making tools and people sharing vigorous easy to grow superfood seeds can make an huge difference in the wold.

Our prosperity and health are endangered by Nature’s degradation and desertification. The industrial food system is more and more fragile—and it makes us ill, is a major contributor to global warming, and destroys the ecosystem. Globally the amount of land that need to be replanted is larger than South–America. It’s no surprise that people are desperate to find solutions. More than half of the global population do not consume adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables to fulfill their needs in vitamins and health promoting micronutrients. Rustic varieties of superfood are tolerant of poor soils and resistant to drought, insects and diseases. These easy to grow plants can contribute significantly to improving local access to delicious dietary sources of essentials micronutrients.

Fighting hunger and desertification demand trillions of Seedballs made with superfood and tree seeds. This is an extraordinary opportunity for leaders who understand small farmers and indigenous people, and can connect with them in a transparent and fair way. Seedtheglobe was created as a platform where these leaders can find tools and seeds and all the information to tackle this enormous opportunity.

At Seedtheglobe, we strive to create an action–oriented and nature–based culture that drives fair business and encourage meaningful engagement.

One of the biggest things Seedtheglobe has to offer is the ability to transform our relationship with Nature.