Sylvain Picker

Gardener, technician, programmer and inventor.

At school I was really good in Pure Sciences and all destined me to do a career in chemistry. After graduation my first real job was technician for 11 years for a scientific instrumentation manufacturer. I learned to use a multitude of tools and it trained me to be methodical and perfectionist when I build objects. A few years later I attended a training in electromechanic and learned to program in JavaScript.

But it's really agriculture that is my passion, my experience is this field is unique. I worked on a wide variety of farms, orchards and vineyards. I even supervised 15 people. I also had my own organic certified commercial vegetable gardens. I have read a lot of books and magazines, and participated in several conferences and trainings on the subject.

I am passionate about old gardening tools. I already had a nice collection, with among other things a Planet Junior planter, a classic in the history of agriculture. Since I was young I love tinkering, I had fun making wind turbine propellers, small planes models, mini solar water heaters, to invent all-terrain manual seeders and a pneumatic dibbler (patented), and designing several tools and methods to make Seedballs…

I am also a big fan of wild edible plants. I often prefer these Indigenous fruits and vegetables to those found in grocery stores. Since many of these delicious and nutritious of Nature’s treasures are threatened with extinction, I'm looking for ways to multiply them on a large scale with Seedballs.

My enthusiasm for edible wild plants is not the result of a scientific study or a commercial interest. When I was young my mother was gathering wild fruit, mushrooms, herbs and edible flowers, and at age 84 she is still gathering. That was the starting point of a passion that allowed me the pleasure to taste over a hundred wild plants in Canada, Cuba and USA.